Marco Vella

Marco Vella is a multi-instrumentalist from Sydney, Australia. Since completing his studies in Audio Engineering at SAE Institute, Sydney, he has recorded, produced and engineered for a number of musical projects. He is 1/4 of Sidney based Electronic - Pop Act 'Retiree', and records electronic music under the alias 'Body Corp' as well as under his own name. 'Shadow Mountain' is his debut solo release and showcases the hazy, analogue-centric and cosmic side of his electronic music explorations.

Kyle Jorgensen

Kyle Jorgensen is a painter and visual artist currently based in Salt Lake City, Utah. He obtained a BFA from Idaho State University where he studied art and architecture. After graduating, he moved to Portland, Oregon where he continued to pursue his fine art practice. He has shown his talent for abstract dream-like painting, installation and drawing in several galleries across the Northwest and California such as Breeze Block Gallery, Gallery Hijinx, White Walls Gallery and LxWxH Gallery. His work has also been featured in institutions such as San Fran-cisco’s 96 Hours and Vangaurd Seattle. He is an Artist in Residence at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art.


Holymachines is an electronic music project by Berlin based musician and sound artist Chris Hill. Through the use of digital technologies, he absorbs small fragmentary snatches from contemporary culture, deconstructing them and reassembling them as bold new sonic gestures. The results meander between Ambient, Noise, and Collage and even touch on abstracted Beat Music.


Aquiet is the moniker of Münster based Director, visual Artist and Motion Designer Sven Stratmann. He has designed custom live AV shows and complex Mapping Setups for Artists like Hauschka, Bersarin Quartett and A Winged Victory For The Sullen. Currently he is touring with the collective "Morons of Motion" with the Interactive Installation TRACELAND, adressing contemporary issues such as digital civil rights and governmental observation practices.


Portraits is an audiovisual art project created by Ben Moenks, Chris Hill, Jian Kellett Liew and Rem Kellett Liew. The project aims at exploring the nature of the ubiquitous concept of streams, combining abstracted nature videography, improvised ambient sonics and a custom, browser based online player through which Portraits can be presented as a livestreaming online exhibition.


Kyson is 28-year-old composer/producer/electronic musician Jian Kellett-Liew. The Adelaide-born, Berlin-based artist sees music as the platform through which he feels most comfortable - projecting his imagination through musical narratives; embracing and documenting the images and sounds of the world he’s traveled - from the chaos and cacophony of bustling cities, to the peaceful, sundrenched comfort of his own hometown.

Tonje Thilesen

Tonje Thilesen is Photographer and visual artist based in Berlin, Germany. Born and raised in Oslo, Norway. Photography BA awarded at BTK Hochschule Für Gestaltung.

Hush Moss

Hush Moss is a Berlin-based artist whose music will transport you to a time of plenty and flamboyance. The Debut album ‘It Takes A Lot’ hearkens back to the halcyon days of roller skates, coke mirrors and discotheques. You’ll catch yourself lying on a grand piano in the penthouse suite punch drunk in a pastel pink suit. It’s bright and velvety elevator jazz executed with a Steely Dan sense of irony, cradling you in the warm uterine wax blot of a lava lamp as your disembodied self shines out onto the marble floor.


Pavlov is the project of multi-instrumentalist producer/composer Matteo Pavesi. Born in 1992 in the mountains in the north of Italy, Matteo started composing and producing music out of a need to explore a language he felt was missing but very much needed in his political philosophy studies. While finishing his bachelor, he began producing and touring with independent artists Alice Phoebe Lou and Kyson. Through the support of the latter’s label Average Negative, the Berlin-based producer decided to arrange into song-form his synth jams and recordings taken from his travels around the world, giving life to the Ravel EP.