Shadow Mountain

Marco vella and Kyle Jorgensen have collaborated to produce Shadow Mountain, a collection of music and original artworks. It is a collage of warped, saturated paintings; paired with nostalgic, wistful, and uplifting atmospheric synth-pop. Shadow Mountain is a physical representation of distant memories - faded and changed, reimagined over the distance of time. Through the use of timeless painted landscapes and vintage analog synthesizers, the artists evoke a past era. Shadow Mountain is a sentimental audiovisual journey through consiousness, place and period.



Portraits is an audiovisual art project created by Ben Moenks, Chris Hill, Jian Kellett Liew and Rem Kellett Liew. The project aims at exploring the nature of the ubiquitous concept of streams, combining abstracted nature videography, improvised ambient sonics and a custom, browser based online player through which Portraits can be presented as a livestreaming online exhibition.


Image Version

Image Version takes us to a world where the realms of reality, virtual reality and simulation collide, conjuring feelings of digital alienation and wistfully evoking the fragmented reality we experience on a daily basis. It’s a work that addresses the encroachment of digitisation on nature, our realities, and even our basic humanity. Much of the album’s adventurous, yet somehow familiar listening plays on this tension and plays out best when experiencing the work as a whole.


A Book Of Flying

A Book Of Flying is a collaboration between photographer Tonje Thilesen and musician Kyson. Tonje perfectly captured her own vision of the Berlin based artist’s sophomore album through her own medium, 35mm film. The presence of soft light, landscapes and spacious composition make a great and touching accompaniment to the sounds of Kyson.


It Takes A Lot

It would be easy to compare Hush Moss to Devonté Hynes and Connan Mockasin - two thoroughly established practitioners of the art of nostalgic plenty, but Hush Moss digs further and delves deeper than either. The downtempo R&B jam ‘Have To Say’ sees him at the apex of his textural exploration, alternating expansive arrangements with richly crammed tapestries of sound. It’s less Frank Ocean and more straight to the source - think Innervisions. Even the classical guitar line in the bridge sounds silken and luxurious before the song bids itself adieu in a wash of shimmering synths and bluesy bass licks.



Pavlov's first body of work captures his move from the linear and consistent world of his upbringings into a new, wholesome limbo where the constant search for meaning is abandoned to give way to dream-like entertainments of thought and the human endeavors.