Celestine EP

Cleaning Each Other is a Berlin / Amsterdam based trio, mining the uncategorizable intersection between long-form free improvisation, minimal composition and electronic music. The trio's two track debut collection "Celestine EP" showcases two longform improvised pieces, which reflect different sides of the same medal, with both tracks equally hinting at the distant shadows of The Necks, Autechre, Xenaxis, Messiaen and Ligeti. Side A's "Inaugurate" is a piece based on Okuda's sparkling piano arpeggios, that sends the listener on a meditative rhythmic journey, blissfully and hypnotically driving forward. Side B's "Ultra" is on the darker, even violent side, but with a high level of attention to each sonic detail. Musical parameters like pulse, melody and harmony are subverted throughout the piece and finally evaporate into a collectively composed wall of sound. This trio sounds bizarre, yet completely natural, embracing both the order and the chaos of life. Rieko Okuda - grand piano Jon Nagel - bass Chris Hill - drums