High By Low

Hibylo are a three-piece band based in Berlin. Combining heavy improvisation with light arrangement, they explore uncharted territories between experimental club music and curious explorations of synthetic textures. The listener is lured through an acidic environment of crystalline synths capped in fizzing noise, deep valleys of lush pads and delay-soaked vocals, into swamps of distorted beats and percussion. Every set is an experiment; a rarity in a world of repetitious performances. After spending their first winter recording and jamming in a Neukölln basement, they later listened back to the tapes and decided to do public performances. Rafa Cunha, a graphic artist (who the band met fleeing an illegal rave in Spandau) has become a hidden fourth member of the group; infusing her psychedelic visual flavours and concepts into Hibylo’s aesthetic. Visual Artist Rafa Cunha created a series of A3 prints featuring exclusive artwork from the "High x Low" process. Limited to 10 copies each motive. Drop us an email to info@averagenegative.com with a screenshot of the motive you would like to purchase.