The Gloss Effect

‘Digital Overload’ is a mode of existence we are all experiencing on a daily basis. Listening to The Gloss Effect can feel both like a productivity-inducing adrenaline rush or a complete nervous breakdown. With his debut album „The Gloss Effect“, Berlin based drummer & producer Ludwig Wandinger turns this very particular feeling of opening to many windows in your browser into a colorful, hyperreal and timeless musical statement full of recycled digital artifacts, live instrumentation and sampling virtuosity. On "The Gloss Effect", Ludwig has created an album that doesn’t follow any rules but rather builds it’s own microcosm - heavily inspired by post-internet visual art, instagram culture and a general fearless approach to dealing with structure & sonic texture. The Gloss Effect’s shapes feel arranged & composed but at the same time still retain a wonderful looseness and improvised aesthetic. Spanning 25 tracks and feeling more like a classic beat tape, The Gloss Effect also explores Wandinger’s journey to find a musical voice for himself and in collaboration with others. The record features a stellar cast of Europe’s finest avant jazz musicians including Dan Nicholls on synth duties, Philipp Gropper and Otis Sandsjö on tenor sax, Wanja Slavin on Alto Sax and Petter Eldh on bass, to name a few. These more acoustic textures collide with Wandinger’s exceptional sound-design, which is heavily stylized, digital and even harsh at times. All music written & produced by Ludwig Wandinger mixed by Ludwig Wandinger mastered by Zino Mikorey Artwork by Kirschbluetenimwind