The borders between Berlin’s musical scenes have always been porous. Ziv Yamin, Dekel Adin & Chris Hill's Trio (YAH3) emerged from the members loose affiliation with the musical collectives Average Negative, Hush Moss and Baketown, all of which strive to cultivate a more open and genre-free take on sound & culture within Berlin’s pop underground. The trio’s six Track debut EP is a perfect representation of this particular „anything goes“ spirit. Taking inspiration from mid ‘70s jazz-rock pioneers like Herbie Hancock or Weather Report, Afro-Beat figures such as Tony Allen, Avantgarde formations like the Art Ensemble of Chicago and digging the more frayed out corner’s of the Los Angeles' beat scene represented by labels such as Brainfeeder and Stones Throw's own Leaving Records, the trio's music comes together as a loose template with plenty of room for experimentation. All six tracks stem from two full days of improvisation & synth experimentation in The Whitest Boy Alive's vintage gear filled recording studio, later being cut and pasted, reassembled and collaged into a bold and timeless musical statement. credits released March 23, 2020 Ziv Yamin - Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Juno 106, Minimoog Dekel Adin - electric bass, MS 20 Chris Hill - drums, percussion, drum synth, additional programming Written by YAH3 Produced by YAH3 Recorded by Daniel Nentwig at Butterama Studios, Berlin Additional Recordings at The Tracking Farm, Hamburg Additional Programming at AVN Studios Berlin Mixed by Chris Hill at AVN Studios, Berlin Mastered by Paul Scheffler Artwork by David Rosenberg